After Market Service

If keeping and maintaining your CO2 plat performance at a high quality level is required in terms of plant availability, utilisation of consumables and reduction of maintenance costs, who is then better qualified to provide this than the experts who designed and built it?

Union Engineering Customer Service can be your invaluable Service Partner following the simple and effective 3-point-plan for keeping up your CO2 production at the highest quality out-put level.

  • Service agreement with two annual visits by a Union Engineering maintenance specialist followed by a conclusive service summary report.
  • Remote Process Management solution provides you proactive troubleshooting and long-term performance optimisation.
  • Personal and reliable expert knowledge in identifying, quoting and delivering vital plant specific spares, wearable parts and consumables to optimize and keep your CO2 plant full operational.


We aim to be your preferred service partner by ensuring that your CO2 plant runs at full capacity and performs according to design specifications at all times.

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After Market Service
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