CO2 plant upgrades

When you plan a successful CO2 plant upgrade.

Whenever you are planning to upgrade or rebuild your existing CO2 plant, we highly recommend you involve us at an early stage: no matter your needs or wishes, we can advise you.

Regardless of plant modifiation, we can help
Perhaps you would like to upgrade various components or modify your plant to meet new requirements. This could be to improve quality or quantity of you CO2, optimize your plant for better recovery, decrease consumption or improve the environmental footprint.

Peace of mind
With more than 80 years of experience in the CO2 plant industry, our skilled commissioning and service engineers will help you fid the perfect solution, letting you rest assured that your task is being handled by professionals.
In some cases, an inspection and line walk is required to assess your plant. These take 3–6 days, depending on the size of the plant. Our engineer will then draw up a status report, outlining needed changes and recommendations for attaining your target in the most effiient and cost-effective way possible.

Early involvement pays off
The fist visit is charged at our usual service rate, but if you choose to involve us in the future, these costs will be wholly or partially credited back to you.

We highly recommend including a Union CO2 engineer from the start. It will pay off.



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