Remote Process Management

Your CO2 plant is an investment - take good care of it 24/7

Buying a CO2 plant is a considerable investment. The lifetime of your investment depends on service and maintenance. Just like your car. Emergency situations are always inconvenient; lack of acces to instant emergency support therefore is often fatal and costly. 

These experiences are built on many years of global service and support. The need for efficiency and availability are for most companies focus areas, and unplanned stoppages and downtime always arises with bad timing.

Maybe you have experienced one or more of these situations:

  • Localization of problem by specific CO2 quality issue
  • Appearance of periodical failures and plant trip
  • Extra cost for acquired CO2 due to breakdowns
  • Operating your plant with 75% capacity instead of 100%
  • Technical support, Remote Monitoring & Hotline

By choosing one of our 3 packages; BASIC, SILVER or GOLD from our Remote Process Management programme, you can reduce your downtime and eliminate the risk of the four situations above.

Depending on your needs and age of the CO2 plant you can chose either the basic support by regular log sheet evaluation and e-mail support or you can add further value by online remote support including 24/7 hotline.

Our dedicated process management team guarantees fast support and online monitoring. Use the RPM service at peak times or just as an insurance in case of plant break down and compare the low service fee with your downtime cost and reduced availability.

Please contact for further questions to the RPM programme. You can also learn more here.



 RPM Programmes

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