Soft drink bottlers

Two plants - same kind of advanced efficiency

The global consumption of soft drinks is increasing. In order to keep up competitiveness, soft drink bottlers need reliable and high performing plants. At Union Engineering we provide two types:

CO2 capture plants
Our advanced CO2 capture technologies can be used for capture and purification of CO2 from any fossil fuel based flue gas, be it from boilers, turbines or combustion engines.

A tri-gen plant combined with a CO2 capture plant (a so-called Quad-Gen plant) is the efficient solution for environmentally focused soft drink producers.

Self-generating CO2 plants
Our self-contained and self-generating plants generate CO2 from the combustion of any fossil fuel, such as diesel oil, heavy oil, kerosene or natural gas.

The fully automatic operation, combined with latest technologies, delivers high efficient and optimised utility costs as well as meeting highest standard for CO2 quality. 

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