Best available CO2 Plants

Designed to cope with the strictest needs and requirements

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of innovation and quality at Union Engineering. Both things keep pushing our expertise further and make us live up to needs and requirement around the globe.

Our CO2 generating plants within the desalination industry provide you with:

  • Quality and Reliability - equipment from first-class suppliers and redundant design provides maximum uptime.
  • High Performance - cost-effective solutions e.g. NoxFlash delivers minimum lifetime operating costs. 
  • Customized designs - meeting customer specific demands and regulatory requirements
  • Environmental procured - equipment, materials and corrosion protection for marine and salty atmosphere.

Please go to Products and Technologies to learn more about the CO2 plants we offer in relation to desalination projects.

Peter Toftegaard Hansen
Sales Manager
+45 30 45 66 45