Biogas; a sustainable energy resource with many possibilities.

The relatively low value biogas generated from digestion of biological degradable matters can be extracted and sweetened to Biomethane, meeting natural gas pipeline specification.

More intensive purification even offers to meet LNG specification. This allows ships and trucks to run on renewable environmentally friendly liquefied Bio Gas, LBG.  As plants grow in size, as a way to increase profitability from the plant, CO2 utilisation can be added.  

We offer different chemical and physical absorption technologies. Depending on the requirements for final pressure in the bio methane or feasibility of utilising the steam needed for amine processes, a Selexol based process can be a better option.

For LBG production, we often recommend a MDEA design in combination with TSA for polishing. This ensures the lowest possible operational cost while still ensuring the extremely low COand H2O levels in the bio methane.

The high concentration CO2 purity raw gas leaving the bio methane or LBG upgrade unit, make it feasible for further purification and liquefaction. We have developed a number of technologies that can remove traces of COS and aromatic hydrocarbons, remaining after a standard distillation process. These steps can secure food and beverage grade quality.

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