Valuable expertise in processing and refining of oil and gas

In the downstream processing industry, there are numerous places where CO2 is produced and considered a by-product. In most cases, this by-product is removed from the process stream and vented to atmosphere.

CO2 however, can be a valuable by-product and should be recovered, purified and re-used in the Hydrocarbon Processing industry. Examples of processes that co-produce CO2 are:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Gasification of hydrocarbons (refinery residue, coal)
  • Biomass gasification
  • Production of ethylene oxide.

At Union Engineering we have years of well-proven experience in turning these raw gas streams into profitable business for you.

Flue Gases

The (refined) fossil fuel is often burnt to generate heat and/or power. All of these combustion processes create vast amounts of CO2 in the flue gasses. Also here, Union Engineering  has tremendous expertise and technologies to recover the CO2 and make it fit for re-use.


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General Sales Manager, Industrial Gases
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