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Bringing the crude oil or raw gas to the surface is one thing in the upstream industry. To get the most out your effort is another. This is what we at Union Engineering are best at.

Natural gas may contain CO2 up to very high percentages (>75%) but before the natural gas can be used in (petro) chemical or combustion processes, the CO2 needs to be removed. The resulting gas will have high purity, depending on the CO2 recovery technology applied.

Chemical or physical absorbers (amines and alcohols) are widely used in the industry.

Natural-gas processing plants can purify raw natural gas from:

  • Underground gas fields
  • Associated gas


Whatever your challenge or need is, Union Engineering has the technology and expertise to support you in removing the CO2 from your natural gas stream and purify the CO2 to levels that can be used for further processing.

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

25 %  or more of a reservoir’s original oil in place can be extracted additionally by using Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques. These figures make EOR an essential part of the business.

Various techniques are at use but CO2 has turned out to be a very efficient solution and is the fastest growing technique.

Until recently, most of the CO2 used for EOR has come from naturally occurring reservoirs. But new technologies are being applied to recover CO2 from industrial applications such as:

  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Ammonia/Fertilizer and Ethanol production
  • Hydrogen plants and Ethylene Oxide plants


As a global leader in CO2 technology Union Engineering is a reliable and trustworthy partner when it comes to EOR projects.

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