Low purity CO2 sources

From low purity to highest purity

Low CO2 purity raw gas sources, with a COconcentration less than 35%, requires an upgrading unit to make it feasible for further purification and liquefaction.

By utilizing our unique amine based absorption and stripping technologies we can turn a low purity raw gas to a 99%+ high quality CO2 gas, ready for further purification and liquefaction to food and beverage grade quality.

At Union Engineering we offer extraction of CO2 from:

  • Fossil fuel based flue gases such as
  • Sweetening of natural gas streams
  • Syngas streams
  • Other low CO2 containing sources.


For gases with low partial CO2 pressure we utilize one of our mono ethanol amine based technologies. For flue gases we typically use the advanced amine technology that tolerates up to 15% oxygen concentration in the raw gas. With an amine concentration at 4 times higher than traditional designs, this ensures the lowest possible operating cost.

For gases with a high partial CO2 pressure as for instance natural gas stream we apply adsorption technologies typically based on MDEA.

All plants are customized to meet specific needs.



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