Medium purity CO2 sources

Pure improvement of solutions

Medium CO2 purity raw gas is mainly found in Hydrogen Manufacturing Units (HMU).

A medium purity source, i.e. the tail gas from the PSA, contains CO2 in the range of 45-55%. Our patented FlashCO2 technology turns this gas to high purity liquid CO2 and further improves the overall HMU capacity with up to 15%.

FlashCO2 has proved extremely energy efficient and compared to other technologies, like MDEA extraction, it eliminates steam consumption.

Moreover, retrofit of a FlashCO2 process plant in an existing HMU facility is uncomplicated. Only tie-in point will be at the tail gas pipe and thereby you avoid any operation and process impact on the existing HMU.

This ”end-of-the-pipe-solution” will even allow locating the CO2 process plant off the refinery site.

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