Process Services

Keep your Union Engineering Plant fit

Your requirements, local legislation and consumption costs often change over time. To insure your Union CO2 plant remain being the contributor you target, it can often be required to upgrade and optimize the plant based on the changing conditions. At Union Engineering, we have a dedicated department to review your options based on your own ideas and capable of guiding you about other possible improvements, such as possible OPEX upgrades, reduced environment footprint, improved product quality etc.

Among the most frequent upgrades are

  • Union Liquid NOx upgrade : Removes the use of PPM
  • Union PUR upgrade : Improves the produced CO2 quality
  • Union Water Scrubber upgrade : Reduces water consumption and supports performance
  • Union ReVap / ReCon units : Returns free energy back to your pocket (reduced OPEX)


Experience counts – also for special custom CO2 systems

Do you need a process unit, special equipment or complete custom plant related with CO2 handling, purification or processing, we are your partner. By using our more than 80 years of experience, we are capable to design, construct and build custom units specific for your needs.

Henrik Lyhne
General Sales Manager, Industrial Gases
+45 24 28 99 26