Coca-Cola Icecek serves 370m people

2 November 2015

In the north-west corner of Turkey, you’ll find the biggest city in the country; a city which was once was called “the city”, since it was the biggest one in the world. In the cultural metropolis that is Istanbul, you’ll also find the headquarters of Coca-Cola Içecek, the fifth-largest bottler of the Coca-Cola franchise in terms of sales volume, which serves a consumer base of more than 370 million people.

Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI) was established back in 1964. Today CCI employs over 10,000 people and has a total of 26 production facilities spanning Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Tajikistan. In addition to sparkling beverages, the product portfolio includes juice, water, sports and energy drinks, tea and iced teas.

A great match
The cooperation between CCI and Union dates back more than a decade to when the first CO2 plant for CCI in Jordan was delivered and commissioned. Today, Union has supplied solutions to CCI in six of the ten countries they operate in.

The latest three CO2 plants were placed in respectively Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan as part of CCI’s continuous investments and in support of the growth in the region.

A close cooperation has several benefits, chief of which is insight into customer expectations. Apart from high quality and state-of-the-art technology, CCI prefers a supplier capable of delivering a complete package.

No use of harmful PPM
General Sales Manager of Union Lars Klitgaard Pedersen is in charge, and he elaborates: “When we install new CO2 plants on CCI sites, being able to supply a complete package and the best technology available on the market is a big advantage for us. It is also crucial that we know that the purified CO2 complies with the strict CO2 quality specifications of Coca-Cola.

We can design and manufacture the plant, we supply all mechanical and engineering installations and we supervise plant commissioning and manage shipping. As regards technology, we implement the patented NOxFlash technology and thereby avoid the use of PPM (potassium permanganate), which is critical due to restrictions and also harmful to the environment. Furthermore, it is in line with CCI's CSR strategy.”

Union supplies all-in
At Union, there is a growing tendency among customers to choose the all-in solution.

Lars Klitgaard Pedersen continues: “The obvious advantage when choosing an all-in solution is that our customers do not have to deal with several subcontractors and coordinate the project themselves. We take care of it all. Another element on the rise in the global beverage segment is our services: we offer everything from spare parts to remote process management and a 24/7 hotline service – and the peace of mind that comes with it. Many Coca-Cola bottlers are taking advantage of this offer in order to increase the reliability and performance of their CO2 investments.”

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