First CO2mpactBrew sold to innovative Maui

29 May 2017

During the Brau Beviale exhibition back in November 2016, Pentair Union Engineering introduced a plug-and-play containerized CO2 plant, designed for craft and mid-size brewers. Maui Brewing Co. are the first movers in having one of the CO2mpactBrew plants installed – allowing them to reuse their own CO2 from their fermentation process and to be self-sufficient and sustainable with CO2 for their beer.

The new CO2 plant did gather a lot of interest during the Nuremberg exhibition, especially among the rising number of craft brewers.

Reducing footprint
Maui Brewing Company was founded in 2005. The craft brewery is more than just a brewery; they have state-of-the-art production facilities, their own brewpubs (with restaurants) and arrange several events all year long.

Garrett W. Marrero, founder of Maui Brewing Company, elaborates, “We’re excited to announce this partnership with Union Engineering to install a state-of-the-art CO2 recovery system to capture and use on-site in brewing operations. This is a major leap forward in our pursuit of sustainability, bringing us closer to our goal of reducing the footprint of our locally produced craft beer. This project will reduce our CO2 emissions by over 600,000 lbs in the first year alone"

Small-scale CO2 plant
Lars Klitgaard Pedersen, General Sales Manager of Union Engineering is happy about the fact that one of the CO2mpactBrew plants will soon be in production, stating, “It is our strategy to develop our technologies to the market trends. The number of craft brewers are increasing and they sizes of each brewery is also changing towards larger brewery capacity. Based on that we realized the need for a small-scale CO2 plant that was not only easy to install, but also could be stood outdoors, as space can be limited. This is the reason for our invention of the CO2mpactBrew.”

CO2mpactBrew has a recovery capacity of 25-160 kg/h (50-350 lb/hr) and fits into a 40’ high cube container.
The technology is simple and thereby easy to operate and with limited maintenance. The CO2 produced meet the highest requirements for CO2 used within the industry with a O2 content in the final product <5 ppm.

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