First ECO2Brew in Southern Asia

25 November 2014

In the southern part of Asia you find Sri Lanka: an island with incredible landscapes, architecture, history and wildlife. Here you can experience a 3,000-year history, picturesque sceneries and once glorious townships - while enjoying a beer from the 155-year-old Lion Brewery.

Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC is home to the legendary Lion Beer. Established and conceptualied on traditional brewing recipes and techniques since 1860. Today the brewery is 25% owned by Carlsberg, 75% by local investor groups.

The brewery is considered industry leader in Sri Lanka. Being a modern and advancing company, Lion Brewery have recently doubled their production from 1 million hl/year to 2 million hl and now they have chosen to install a new CO2 plant on the site: an ECO2Brew plant, which will be the first in southern Asia.

Mr. Hiran Edirisinghe, Chief Engineer of Lion Brewery explains; “In Sri Lanka, CO2 is in short supply, which the price reflects. We have chosen an ECO2Brew plant due to several reasons. First it will provide us with an increased amount of CO2, which we can sell to a third party.
Second, it will give us huge savings on drinking water, which is a scarce resource.
Third, we expect to save over 20% on energy consumption.
We are looking forward to the cooperation with Union Engineering and are excited about the new technology we are bringing to southern Asia.”

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