CO2 Dry Ice Press

Dry ice is CO2 in solid form with a temperature of -78°C at atmospheric pressure. Heated dry ice sublimates from its solid to its gaseous phase without leaving any residues and is thereby a dry and clean alternative to conventional water ice cooling.

Dry ice produced in the Union Engineering a/s Dry Ice Press (DIP 0200) is used for many different applications. Dry ice has a high reserve of cooling capacity, which makes it a reliable and most economic cooling medium for refrigerated and frozen transport. Catering, pharmaceutical and chemical industries frequently make use of dry ice.

Union Engineering a/s supplies standard dry ice plants as well as customized plants to meet specific customer requirements.
The Dry Ice Press is hydraulically operated and is supplied with a snow tower for continuous production of dry ice snow, press matrices, operator panel, as well as a heat exchanger for sub-cooling liquid CO2.