CO2 Polishing Filter

The polishing filter is intended as a final, valuable safeguard to remove trace amounts of impurities that might be present in the carbon dioxide gas.

The CO2 gas from the CO2 evaporator is led to the CO2 Polishing Filter inlet manifold through a bypass shutoff valve system to the filter bed. Before being sent to the point of consumption, the CO2 gas passes a particle filter for removal of possible dust residues originating from the activated carbon filter bed.

The Union Engineering activated carbon filter bed consists of a special mix of activated carbon. It is specifically able to remove peaks of:

  • Oxygenates (alcohol, aldehydes, ketones)
  • Hydrocarbons (benzene, oil)
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Various compounds of sulphur

The particle filter installed after the Polishing Filter has a rating of 1 micron ensuring an absolutely dust-free CO2 gas being sent to the point of consumption in the bottling company.

The Polishing Filter is delivered as a complete pre-packed skid mounted unit with only inlet and outlet connections to be made upon arrival on site.