PUR-A/D - efficient stripping of oxygen and inert gases

Requirements in relation to purity are increasing in the modern beverage industry. Adding a CO2 Purification Unit (PUR-A/D) to the recovery system secures an efficient stripping of oxygen and inert gases.

The CO2 liquefaction process in the traditional recovery plant involves the separation of non-condensable gases where oxygen, being the most critical component, is reduced to below 30 ppm. As oxygen causes deteriorative reactions in beer and affects the shelf-life of packaged beer the modern brew industry requires oxygen content less than 5 ppm

The CO2 Purification Unit (PUR-A/D) can be supplied as an integrated part of the recovery plant or as a separate unit to be added on any existing installation.

It is available in two standards according to the actual raw gas purity and the requested purity of the final CO2 product.