Cooling water filter eliminates dust problems

Our cooling water filter improves you bottom line

Dust in the atmosphere is often known to settle in the open cooling towers, causing reduced production and frequent cleaning of various modules in the plant. Such cleaning of plant components is often very extensive and time-consuming – and should be carried out frequently, depending on geographic location.

These problems can be avoided by mounting a separation filter after the cooling tower in the Union plant. Experience shows that implementation of such a filter ensures high uptime with minimum maintenance. At the same time, the filter is a relatively simple construction requiring minimal maintenance and easily operated by persons without extensive plant experience.

The filter is fitted with 2-18 bag filters, depending on its size. The lid of the filter container is easy to remove to provide
direct access to the filters. Used filters can be removed for cleaning or replaced with completely new filters in less than ten minutes.

Filter benefits

  • Effective removal of impurities
  • Improved CO2 plant availability
  • Maximising plant performance
  • Minimising maintenance costs
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Low investment
  • Fast ROI
  • Flowrate 300 - 1080 m3/h
  • 5 - 18 reuseable filter bags

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