CO2 Evaporator - Continuous evaporation by ambient air heating

The CO2 evaporator consists of two separate heat exchangers, which switches between operation and defrosting, to ensure continuous evaporation.

The heat exchanger unit is based on aluminium finned cobber coils mounted in a galvanized steel casing. Equipped with low noise fans specifically designed to maintain uniform low velocity airflow, it ensures that water formed during defrosting is retained within the casing and led to drainage.

A timer unit opens the valves alternately so that one unit is open to CO2 while the other is closed. When the tube bank is closed, the ambient air drawn through the unit defrosts the ice formed during the “open tube bank“ cycle. The water collected in the aluminium drip tray during the defrost cycle is led to drainage.

Scope of supply:

  • All necessary safety and change over valves.
  • CO2 Pressure regulation system
  • Electrical panel with motor starters fuses and control system for automatic operation of the unit.
  • Frame mounted for inside installation on the ground or on the wall.