NOxFlash eliminates the use for PPM

At Union Engineering we always take an innovative approach to process design. NOxFlash is a perfect example of this. This patented technology has proven its worth in industrial applications since 2006.

NOxFlash is a process-driven solution. It does not need filters and absorbents, which are sensitive to contamination or potassium permanganate for scrubbing. It is both cheaper and better for the environment.

Used in combination with the PUR distillation column, NOxFlash also reduces the amount of aromatic hydrocarbon in the final product.

NOxFlash is the ideal solution – unaffected by variations - in fuel composition or combustion that is out of specification.


  • No more PPM - better for the environment
  • Significantly lower OPEX and improved CAPEX
  • No more on-site liquid PPM emissions
  • Reduced environmental impact and MEA consumption
  • Minimal benzene and aromatic hydrocarbon

No hazardous liquid waste and ultra-pure CO2 product