ReCon – CO2 Condenser with significant energy reduction

The cooling energy from CO2 evaporation for consumption can be utilised to liquefy the CO2 produced by the plant and introduce significant reduction of energy consumption compared with a traditional recovery plant.

If the amount of CO2 consumed at any time is sufficient to support the liquefaction capacity, the refrigeration plant can even be shut down for some periods. In this case, the consumption pattern of the CO2 consumer should be investigated carefully as the recovery plant will not be able to operate if the balance between recovery and consumption is not present.

The ReCon, or recuperative CO2 condenser, is fully automatic and can be retrofitted into any existing CO2 plant. 


  • “Green footprint” - it uses CO2 as refrigerant
  • 55 kW savings on a 1000 kg/h liquefaction unit*
  • Reduced payback time

*Based on R717 -32oC/+41oC operating conditions for ref. compressors, COproduction and consumption fully balanced.