Liquid CO2 Storage tank - with liquid level indicator

The CO2 storage tanks comprise:

  • Liquid level indicator (differential pressure type) with safety switch against overfilling 
  • Load cells (option, for horizontal tanks) 
  • Double-mounted safety relief valve with change-over valve 
  • Necessary valves and fittings
  • Manhole for inspection

Connections for:

  • CO2 plant, liquid and gas 
  • Truck filling station 
  • Cylinder filling station 
  • CO2 evaporator 
  • Blow off and drain

The CO2 Storage Tanks are available pre-insulated with following insulation:

  • 1 mm aluminium cladding
  • 120 mm polyurethane (150 mm for 110 m3)

If insulation is preferred done on site following materials will be delivered separately as prefabricated products:

  • 150 mm polystyrene 
  • Vapour barrier 
  • 20 mm mineral wool 
  • 1 mm aluminium cladding