Energy free vaporization of liquid CO2

Water Heated CO2 Vaporizer is a shell and tube heat exchanger in which circulating water gives off its heat to vaporize liquid CO2. Because any water which requires cooling can be used, an important secondary benefit can be realized in the reduction of the plant refrigeration load.

Completely packaged, the unit includes all controls necessary for fully automatic operation. Any interruption in the water flow or drop in the CO2 gas temperature or pressure beyond the preset limit will automatically result in the liquid CO2 being shut off and an alarm is activated to notify operators.

Fully automatic controls include:

• water flow switch
• shut-off valve
• vapor CO2 temperature switch
• vapor CO2 pressure switch
• safety valve

Control panel consists of:
• on/off switch
• light indicating the vaporizer is operating
• alarm to alert operator when water flow is interrupted
• alarm to alert operator when CO2 vapor pressure or temperature drops below preset limit

Vaporizer benefits

  • Saves Energy - No electricity or steam needed for vaporization duty. CO2 vaporizing water is cooled during processing – actually reduces the plant cooling load.
  • Fully Automatic Operation - No freeze-up. If water flow is interrupted or CO2 gas tem perature or pressure drops below the preset limit, the liquid CO2 is shut off and an alarm is sounded.
  • Minimum installation costs - Unit is pack aged with all necessary controls and valves.
  • Low maintenance - No electrical heating element to replace. Very few moving parts.


Learn more in the attached pdf-file.