CO2mpactBrew plug-and-play

CO2mpactBrew is specially designed for smaller breweries and it offers fast installation and the option to relocate the plant within a short time without compromising on quality and reliability.

Recovery plants (RBU) are specially designed to recover CO2 from the fermentation processes at your own brewery ensuring self sufficient CO2 supply.

The system is delivered as a containerised solution with all the equipment installed inside a container, featuring a maintenance aisle and easy connection points for utilities thus ensuring fast and easy installation.

As an added benefit, by recovering your own CO2 you eliminate emissions (odours) from your fermentation process, which might otherwise require additional precautions.

CO2mpactBrew is designed for high efficiency, availability and reliability using components selected for long life and 24/7 operation.

Scope of supply:

• 25-160 kg/h recovery capacity
• Ventilated 40’ high cube container
• Low-pressure water scrubber
• Balloon
• Compressor unit
• High pressure water scrubber with feed pump
• Dehydrator
• Distillation column incl. reboiler
• MCC panel