CO2 recovery from a wide range of CO2 sources

RBU Plants - Liquefaction and purification of high purity CO2 raw gas.

High purity raw gas has a CO2 concentration of 95– 99 percent CO2 and can e.g. be sourced from ethanol production, fermentation process, or ammonia and ethylene production etc.

The most basic approach is to design a plant according to below sketch if the level of impurities in the raw gas are low.


However, in most cases we are facing more challenges as the ideal low impurity raw gas is a rarity.

Both from a commercial and technical point of view every single Union plant is highly customized and designed in close cooperation with the customer in order to optimize on the capex and opex figures.

The RBU plants can be designed to remove hydrocarbons by catalytic combustion, NOx and various sulphur components are removed by propriety process solutions, just to mention a few of the challenges we often are facing.

Apart from all our propriety solutions Union is offering a range of patented solutions as well.

One example is the CO2-Scrub technology which is an innovative purification method, capable of maintaining product quality at varying feed gas compositions.

The CO2-Scrub technology will effectively remove impurities with a high boiling point, including aromatic components, all alcohols and oxygenates and some sulphur components.

Compared with other CO2 purification solutions for fermentation sources, which all use drinking water as the purification medium, Union Engineering´s CO2-Scrub solution has a completely water-free purification process, which reduces environmental impact significantly.

The unique purification capabilities of the CO2-Scrub will allow you to produce liquid CO2 surpassing current food grade quality, and the water-free operation ensures a true cleantech installation providing a sustainable solution for both your business and the environment.

 CO2 Scrub  The CO2-Scrub technology