FlashCO2 technology for medium-rich CO2 streams

Medium-rich CO2 streams (PSA off-gas), generated from various syngas processes typically found in refineries and petrochemical complexes, is a new alternative for production of food grade CO2.

By utilising an innovative process of combining conventional physical absorption by means of chilled MeOH and CO2 liquefaction technologies, the FlashCO2 process eliminates the requirement for steam stripping while keeping power consumption at an attractive level.

The overall CO2 recovery of the FlashCO2 unit is 92%.
The potential benefits of using FlashCO2 technology for the removal of CO2 from hydrogen plants compared to Amine technology are:

FlashCO2 Advantages

  • When using the FlashCO2 technology, total output from hydrogen production can be boosted to 115% at a low cost
  • FlashCO2 technology represents a large- scale option for long-term CO2 emissions reduction
  • Can reduce greenhouse gases emitted from fossil fuel-based plants
  • Liquid CO2 can be produced at low cost
  • Units can be stand-alone
  • Other valuable fuel gas products can be recovered from the CO2 process.
  • Liquid CO2 can be produced at high purity/ high value levels and at food grade quality at low cost.
  • No effluent treating is required
  • No liquid or solid chemical waste
  • No steam consumption (flash regeneration of MeOH solvent)
  • Low energy consumption (typically 1 GJ/ton CO2)
  • Already installed plants shows that FlashCO2 technology provides a range of advantages, making it a very attractive solution for CO2 capture from hydrogen plants in both the short and long term