Carlsberg invest in their second ECO2Brew


Carlsberg invest in their second ECO2Brew plant from Union Engineering

Already prior to global launch of the new ground-breaking CO2 technology, ECO2Brew, from
Union Engineering, Carlsberg Group has awarded the company with a second contract to build
and install the patented solution; this time in Finland.

In autumn 2012 the first ECO2Brew plant was installed and taken into production at the Carlsberg brewery in
Fredericia, Denmark. The project was supported by the EU fund ECO-innovation, which supports environmentally
friendly projects and initiatives. The ECO2Brew is not only designed to operate 100% water-free, but the expectations
were also to achieve substantial reductions in power consumptions and a significant higher recovery rate which
generates excess CO2 to be used in the soft-drink bottling line.

Now, a year later, the Initial experiences for Carlsberg have been extremely positive, and therefore the Sinebrychoff
Brewery (Carlsberg) in Finland did not hesitate when choosing their first CO2 plant to be installed on-site:
Michael Slotte, Technical Manager, Carlsberg, explains: “This is our first CO2 plant, and we have – like the whole
Carlsberg Group – focus on water savings and reduced utility consumption. The experience from Carlsberg Denmark
gives us confidence in choosing the new technology. Here at the brewery in Finland we also have a large soft drink
bottling line and the increased amounts of CO2 from the fermentation process, which we can use in the soft drink
production, are expected to give large savings.”

Success prior to global launch
Union is present at the Drinktec exhibition in Munich 16-20 September and here the ECO2Brew will be presented for
the breweries from all over the world. The fact that the second plant is already ordered, arouse enthusiasm in the
company. CSO Michael Mortensen tells: “We are of course content that Carlsberg are enthusiastic about the new
technology; the first plant was a big investment for us and we have followed the project very closely and worked hard
to create the best result. The fact that Carlsberg buys the second plant indicates that we have succeeded which is
extremely satisfactory for us, and makes us very optimistic prior to the global launch”.