Huge savings with Union ReVap


Union ReVap makes it possible to reduce your CO2 production costs significantly.
ReVap is an evaporation system designed to literally vaporize CO2 evaporation costs and reduce glycol refrigeration expenses in the process.

Evaporating excess CO2 has long been an unavoidable expense in breweries (and many other CO2 consuming industries), as has the cost of refrigerating glycol. However, by combining these two discrete processes for the first time, ReVap reduces the energy costs associated with both.

Essentially an innovative heat exchange system, ReVap uses the cooling capacity of stored liquid CO2 to chill glycol.

The transfer of heat between glycol and liquid CO2 subsequently raises the temperature of CO2 to its evaporation point, and the compound is expelled as a gas.

Since this simple concept relies solely on the efficient reuse of existing resources, its estimated ReVap offers a saving equivalent to about 43% of a brewery’s total annual CO2 production costs. And a unit typically pays for itself within 18 months.

As a self-contained system, ReVap is installed quickly (within 48 hours) without the need to halt production and its straightforward design makes it virtually maintenance free. If you’re looking to shrink energy bills – along with your impact on the environment – ReVap can help.