Highest saturation in carbonation


Improve your craft brewery with state-of-the-art CO2 technology.

Union Engineering is the world leader within CO2 technologies and also craft brewers can benefit from implementing some of the technologies in the brewing process from the expert. Union has since last year also production and sales facilities in the US when the Wittemann Company became a part of the group.

Bubbles in the beer are crucial, both in size and quality. The injector plates in the Wittemann Pinpoint Carbonator are microporous and feature large contact on both sides. Beer passes across the plates as a thin liquid film, immediately receiv­ing full CO2 saturation even at the lowest possible flow rate. The foam head remains stable over long time periods; when the head does recede, CO2 saturation continues to hold at a high level.

The immediate saturation and improved bond­ing provided by pinpoint carbonation reduce foaming during the transfer of beer from Ruh to storage and greatly reduce the beer’s air content. Residual CO2 is used for carbonation from Ruh stage to 2.75 volumes - or, depend­ing on flow requirements, up to 3.0 volumes - in one pass-through.

Designed for highest CO2 saturation
The carbonator is designed for highest CO2 saturation, and intimate gas-to-liquid bonding with micro-pore, stainless steel injector plates dispersing very fine, 5 – 9 micron size bubbles. Some of the other advantages are:

  • Simple in-line installation, in either vertical or horizontal line runs.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully suited for CIP cleaning (solution in-line) or cleaning by use of a ball brush when unit removed from line and replaced with a spool piece.
  • Easy access to internal components (porous discs and check valves).
  • Lowest pressure drop of any in-line or similar carbonating device.