AirLiquide invest in sustainability

Industrial Gases

Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil, is known for its heritage of architecture and colonial art in historical cities. AirLiquide wished to strengthen their position in the area, and brought sustainable CO2 technology to the country – supplied by Union Engineering. Today the CO2 plant is purifying the required amount of CO2 at a minimum of carbon footprint and utility consumption.

In 2012 Union was awarded a CO2 plant contract for Air Liquide, which is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, and is present in 80 countries with 46,200 employees.

Investing in sustainable CO2 technology
The project combines On-Site production of power and CO2. The CO2 from the exhaust gas is captured and purifid to a purity level exceeding the highest beverage grade requirements. The On-Site production of CO2 and power makes the end-user independent and self-suffiient.

Environmental responsibility
The combination of On-Site power and CO2 production is an intelligent solution that supports both companies’ responsibility and concern in terms of carbon foot print. The CO2 capture technology guarantees the lowest possible energy demand per ton of CO2 captured. In addition to the reduction in CO2 emission, the plant also reduces emission of another critical exhaust gas pollutant, namely nitrogen oxides.

All in all On-Site production of CO2 from by-products and over-the-fence supply eliminates the need for road transport between the production site and end-user again benefiting the environment. 

Customized design with huge water savings
Luciano Engel, Sales Manager for Union Engineering in Latin America, explains: “We see an increased demand for sustainable CO2 plants in our area. This carbon capture technology ensures the customer the CO2 needed, in a market with carbon dioxide shortage. An important feature of the plant is a design that saves up to 75% of water consumption compared to similar installations. Being located in an area with scares water resources this was very important.”

Reliability in supply
Air Liquide has signed a long term agreement with Coca-Cola FEMSA for the supply of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and
compressed dry air as well as electric power, steam and chilled water for its new bottling plant in Itabirito.
The agreement is based on a BOT contract (Built-Operate-Transfer) and gives the advantages of long-term cooperation, reliability in supply and reduced logistic costs. Marcelo Fioranelli, Manager Director of Air Liquide Brazil, comments; “This project gives Air Liquide a stronghold in Minas Gerais as a part of our expansion in the region. The CO2 solution chosen matches our corporate vision of delivering innovative technologies and sustainable solutions.”
This is the 2nd On-Site carbon capture plant Union has sold to Air Liquide Brazil.

Globally Union Engineering has installed several plants with the on-site technology and the demand is still increasing.
Union is the world leader in CO2 technology. The company is headquartered in Denmark, and has sales and service offies in Brazil, China, Dubai, and USA. Union has over 700 reference plants worldwide.

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