Turn your waste gas into business

Industrial Gases

The modern day ethylene oxide plant is a highly efficient process plant designed to minimize energy use and waste generation. However due to the nature of the process carbon dioxide is generated as a by-product during the oxidation process. In most instances this highly concentrated stream of carbon dioxide is considered a waste product and emitted to atmosphere - but why not turn it into a profitable business?

The benefits are obvious
The highly efficient CO2 purification and liquefaction plants from Union Engineering can recover the byproduct stream, removed any unwanted impurities and produce a highly concentrated stream of liquid carbon dioxide which can be sold to consumers in food and beverage industries as well as to a broad range of industrial sectors.
The benefits are obvious; in addition to creating a sellable product which can help grow your business, the addition of a CO2 purification and liquefaction unit will significantly reduce your carbon footprint leading to great benefits for your company and society as a whole.

Purify CO2 to the best ever quality
Union Engineering works with customers to develop safe, cost effective designs that are tuned to meet local market conditions and customers’ needs.

The application of best-available technology is of key importance. All plants supplied from Union Engineering are customized to meet your specific raw gas composition and is your guarantee to always deliver CO2 with the highest purity standards.

Doing business with Union
As the industry’s leading technology provider, we’re well
positioned to provide expert answers about the entire range of plant design, operation, production and maintenance of your CO2 plant. For over 80 years, we have worked in more than 100 different countries supplying more than 700 customer specific plants and we bring you best practices that have been proven to deliver.

You will have access to a dedicated team of CO2 experts that will be available to assist you with expert advice on your CO2 business. You will get access to some of the strongest CO2 process experts through our in-house Knowledge center. Combined with our proprietary CO2 technologies you are guarantee the strongest team to support you business.

Throughout planning, design, construction, startup and operation, we provide comprehensive support to each customer. The close cooperation enhances the depth of service, shortens time to commercial production at the plant, and improves return on investment.